Meet All Is Leaf…

A roaming residency program featuring art retreats in very special spaces dedicated to fostering ecological consciousness within the creative practice through deep, meaningful engagement with the earth and others.

Found among the notes of the poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe is the claim:

“Everything is leaf.”

Through his fascination with plants, and by examining their totality, he noted the “morphology” of of the natural world, he concluded that every part of a plant is leaf.  On nature, Goethe wrote, “We live within her, yet are foreign to her. Conversing with us endlessly, she never divulges her secret… Nature is even the unnatural. Those who cannot see her everywhere do not see her clearly anywhere.”

All Is Leaf is now accepting submissions for The Berkshire Botanics Residency from October 29 - November 26, 2019. All creative beings seeking dedicated time to contemplate land and earth and who desire participation in sustainable creative acts to change the world are encouraged to apply. If your work advocates awareness, innovation, or revolution towards a better relationship with our earth and each other, we want to hear from you.

Berkshire Botanics

As the bounty of the summer fades in the Northeastern United States, one of the most extraordinary natural displays of vibrance and color emerges: a glorious show within the landscape theater of the Berkshires, and then a slow fading into the quiet hibernation of winter. This evidence of cycle reminds us of our own impermanence and the change we see within ourselves and our processes. All Is Leaf is situating itself directly in the middle of this time based exhibit for one month… come witness the swan song of the harvest.

The Estate is situated amongst vast swaths maples and hickories, making up the Berkshires, which lie in the New England/Acadian forests ecoregion. We invite you to witness the changing seasons while making art and interacting with the landscape, flora, and fauna. This is a one-time residency experience, as All Is Leaf is a nomadic program looking to introduce artists to new ways of making and thinking concerning astute environmental consciousness. Each incarnation differs in location, geologic attributes, ecological focus, concept, and type of accommodation.

The Estate overlooks a large open meadow with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. The deck overlooks the surroundings hills, a front row seat to the fall foliage extravaganza, and perfect for stargazing and watching the sun and moon rise and fall. You can expect to see deer, fox, loads of birds, and rabbits… you may even spot a black bear! A large fire pit is located in the back yard. There are copious trails located on the property itself, in addition to many state parks and natural attractions in the area, including Mount Greylock, Mohawk Trail, Natural Bridge State Park and Cascade Falls. Williamstown and North Adams are 15 minutes away where you can find notable cultural institutions such as Mass MoCA, The Clark Institute, and Tanglewood, restaurants, grocery, pharmacy and other conveniences.

Residency Details

October 29 - November 26, 2019

Individual Artist: $777/week (will not share room - 3 spots available)

Art Partners: $555 each/week (shared room - queen and twin bed - 1 spot available)

Accommodation and food included.

Apply as an individual artist or collaborative group. Applications Due October 1, 2019.

Artists notified by October 11, 2019.

Please submit the following materials using the link below:

  • Artist Statement

  • Resume/CV

  • 5 images or 2 writing samples or 2 video or audio samples of your work.

  • $10 Application fee


Residency Includes:

  • One week to one month in a grand estate in historic Williamstown MA (4 rooms available: 1 Double, 1 Queen + 1 Twin, 1 Twin, 1 Twin)

  • Access to the entire estate and the surrounding grounds for contemplation and creation of work… hiking trails accessible by foot nearby, North Adams and Williamstown are less than 15 minutes away.

  • Information and guidance to local sites and excursions available, yet optional: Mass MOCA, The Clark Institute, Olana, Mt. Greylock, Natural Bridge State Park, Tanglewood, apple picking, seasonal activities and local events.

  • Meals and snacks for the duration of the residency

  • Use of baby grand piano, extensive art library, bakers kitchen, and full gourmet kitchen.

  • Application assistance for grants, residencies, jobs, etc

  • Optional participation in reading groups and discussions regarding art and ecology

  • Optional workshops and educational resources on altered states of consciousness in regards to the creative process and the natural world

Artist Responsibilities:

  • Air transportation.

  • Transportation to Williamstown residence (pick up and drop off at nearby bus, train, or airports may be available upon request and prior arrangement)

  • Materials during residency

The Berkshires:

The Berkshires are notable for their lush forests which exhibit the spectacular evidence of seasonal flux over the course of time. Containing the highest peak in Massachusetts, with mesmerizing views and charged with an undeniable magical energy, the Berkshires have maintained a wild and supernatural essence that is rare and fleeting in ever developing natural areas. They have been influencing and informing creative works for as long as humans have passed through them them.

This residency is an opportunity to engage with all things natural, but also to open dialogue around this particular experience and its influence on the artistic process. The previous All Is Leaf program was housed in an Earthship, a dwelling made of Earth… the Berkshire Botanic space was chosen because it is nestled among rolling hills covered with trees… an arena meant for witnessing the passing of time through the lens of natural process. This All Is Leaf offers an extended amount of time to engage with nature within this framing. To stay, to watch, and to align with the rhythm of the earth is rare in our current pace, this residency offers an extended theatrical experience of our environment. Sleeping and working in close proximity to these processes influences our souls, as artists and as humans…bringing an awareness of life, change, cycles, and simple yet epic beauty. This experience speaks to the concept of All Is Leaf, and to invite this spirit into the creative conversation is important for recognizing our role as translators and protectors of the environment.



All Is Leaf.